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1) How I Landed Cards Against Humanity As My First Freelance Client

“I find that lots of people—myself included—love hearing about who someone’s first big freelance client was. For me, it was Cards Against Humanity. For those of you living under a rock, Cards Against Humanity is a wildly popular party game for ‘horrible people…'”

Between Fun And Learning: Abstraction In Board Game Design — via Make Them Play

2) How to Get Your Board Game Reviewed

“The board game review process is one of the most important parts of game development. This is true whether you launch on Kickstarter or whether you launch by more traditional means. For the sake of this discussion, we’ll assume that you’re getting your board game…”

3) Import / Export Review

“I know what you are thinking. Nothing sounds more exciting than jumping into the business of importing and exporting. What could be more exciting than loading some containers onto a boat and shipping them out across the vast ocean? Import / Export allows you to tackle…”

4) We’re Not Stealing Your Game

“One of the things buddying designers often think about when preparing to present their prototype to a publisher is how to protect their idea from theft. That is a fair question, but asking it on forums or Facebook is often the point when tragedy strikes. Let me tell you why. Let’s lay down some groundwork…”

The Types of Board Games Everyone Should Know About — via Nonstop Tabletop

5) Are You Too Popular? (Business Brilliance #3)

“The first-player “token” in Dinosaur Island is a slap bracelet! And not just the cheap slap bracelets I remember from elementary school–it’s quite nice. What really got me thinking, though, wasn’t the slap bracelet itself. Rather, it was the concept of “fast pass.” There are iterations of…”

Kickstarter Lesson #240: Why Have a Release Date? — via Stonemaier Games Top 10 Most-Viewed Articles of 2017 — via Stonemaier Games

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